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Public Safety (911)


Complete Call Recording

Digital Speech’s Call Recording Application delivers the industry’s most affordable and innovative solution, enabling you to record, search, and play-back your organization’s calls any way you want. Digital Speech provides the most customizable, flexible, and reliable tool available.

Instant Recall

When time matters, users can replay the most recent call, most recent calls, or any other pre-programmed call or collection of calls with a single click.

Performance Reporting

Understand total performance at-a-glance with customized reports or a library of standard reports. Roll-up results for overall evaluation or drill-down to individual recordings for specific, one-on-one training.


Create customized training material and assign it by agent or group. Attach comments at specific points in recordings to illustrate how lessons apply to learner(s). Track completed assignments and gauge retention with post- assignment testing.

Search and Replay

Digital Speech Call Recording and Quality Management Applications provide the most advanced search, playback and live monitoring features available. These applications can search, tag, and replay calls based on call characteristics… Read More

Scenario Recreation

Quickly and easily find all the calls related to an incident to compile them into a single scenario. Replay calls in real-time or sequentially with all associated screen capture or other multi-media files.

NG911 Compatibility

Digital Speech’s applications allow public safety contact centers to take full advantage of NENA’s vision of the i3 network. Our multi-media capabilities and proven SIP recording applications support the vision for intermediate steps all the way up to the final vision for a fully IP-enabled contact center with full multi-media capabilities.

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