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Quality Management

Digital Speech’s Quality Management Application enables you to monitor your agents’ interactions and drive improvement with minimal impact on time and resources. Read More

Workforce Management

No one has more experience and absolutely no one has a better solution for Workforce Management than Pipkins. We have partnered with the best for scheduling, forecasting, planning, and real-time adherence. Rather than white-label someone else’s solution, like most of our competitors, we hook you up with the source.

Voice Analytics

Listen to only the calls you really want to hear. Identify calls on particular topics to save valuable time and resources and get your business moving in the right direction.

Performance Reporting

Understand total performance at-a-glance with customized reports or a library of standard reports. Collect results for overall evaluation or drill-down to individual recordings for specific, one-on-one training.

Complete Call Recording

Digital Speech’s Call Recording Application delivers the most affordable and innovative solution in the industry for recording, searching, and playing back the calls you most want to access. Read More

Compliance Recording

Easy-to-implement features enable you to automatically maintain PCI DSS, HPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and other compliance. These feature include… Read More


Create customized training material and assign it by agent or group. Attach comments at specific points in recordings to illustrate how lessons apply to learner(s). Track completed assignments and gauge retention with post- assignment testing.

Desktop Analytics

Manage agents’ efficiency and effectiveness. Tag calls or add comments within call records based on your agents’ desktop activity. Measure their time from one stage of the call to the next. Use these insights to direct training. Replay calls that give you information you need to drive you organization’s success.

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